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Penn State Extension Philadelphia Master Gardener Coordinator


Brief Description of Duties: This individual will function as the Penn State Extension Master Gardener Coordinator in Philadelphia. This is a part time position consisting of not more than 8 hours per week. The Penn State Extension Philadelphia Master Coordinator oversees the general function and activities of the Master Gardener Steering Committee, works to improve the overall connection between Master Gardener and Penn State Extension staff programming, and supports Master Gardeners with their planning, implementing, conducting and evaluating educational programs in Horticulture. The Master Gardener Coordinator will work with the Extension staff to assess the effectiveness of current, individual Master Gardener volunteers and provide support for all the active Master Gardeners. This individual represents the Penn State Extension and the College of Agricultural Sciences in managing Master Gardener volunteers as well as assisting them in the proper interpretation, application and the dissemination of the latest research findings in Horticulture and Urban Agriculture. The individual will be responsible for connecting Master Gardener volunteers to current Extension projects at 4-H youths sites, Nutrition Links programs, and High Tunnels operations, as well as to additional approved activities. The individual is responsible to the Extension Director in Philadelphia as well as the Extension Program Leader in Horticulture. Specific Program Duties: 1. Plan and administer the 2013 Penn State Master Gardener training. 2. Work with the Master Gardener Steering Committee and Extension Staff to approve/disapprove proposed activities based on their connection to the overall vision for Horticulture in the Penn State Extension office, their educational purpose, the partnerships involved, and the current volunteer manpower available for new projects. 3. Maintain accurate records of volunteers and volunteer service. Provide volunteer recognition. Be responsible for evaluation and reporting of Master Gardener outreach activities. 4. Serve as a facilitator of Master Gardener volunteers to other Extension staff working with the Horticulture, Nutrition Links and 4-H programs. 5. Communicate information from the State MG coordinator’s office to all volunteers. 6. Become familiar with information and resources listed in the Penn State Master Gardener Coordinators’ Manual. Provide the information to Educators and Volunteers when applicable. 7. Participate actively in strategic decision making and planning tasks as well as in maintaining evaluation materials. 8. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Penn State extension Director and Extension Program Team Leader in Horticulture. 9. Insure compliance with Penn State’s Affirmative Action Plan and Child Abuse Clearance form and training requirements. Through public notification and “All Reasonable Efforts”, make programs accessible to clientele without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or handicap. Qualifications: The candidate must have a B.S. degree in management or related field with a minimum of 3 years experience in volunteer and project management. Experience and enthusiasm for gardening and nutrition is required. A degree in Horticulture, Soil Science or related field is preferred. The candidate must be highly organized, have the ability to work with a diverse group of volunteers (both one on one and in groups), have the ability to handle a large volume of work and accept direction and carry out tasks with minimal supervision. Strong written and verbal communication and computer skills are required. Candidate must possess teaching, program development and evaluation skills. Contact: Penn State Extension 2 Penn Center Plaza Suite 200 Philadelphia, PA 19102 Email:


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February 17, 2013


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