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Manager of Marketing and Customer Care


Wash Cycle Laundry is a high-growth start-up based in Philadelphia. We are the fastest, most convenient, most sustainable way for urban consumers and businesses to do laundry. Every day, Wash Cycle Laundry hauls about 2,000 pounds of laundry on bicycles and trailers, and is enthusiastically rethinking the way that goods move around cities. Beyond our environmental impact, we create upwardly mobile career pathways for vulnerable adults with histories of chronic unemployment. We have received coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News, City Paper, Newsworks.com, WHYY, KYW Newsradio, 6ABC, Fox, PHL17, and other media outlets. Wash Cycle Laundry is searching for somebody to lead its marketing and customer care efforts. This is a full-time position with significant opportunity for growth and advancement with the company. This position reports directly to the CEO, and you will be expected to work closely with Wash Cycle Laundry’s General Manager and Director of Business Development. Responsibilities • Growing our customer base, both amongst urban consumers and businesses. • Developing our brand, building on the strong impression made by our dedicated cycling staff. • Engaging our customers. We have an impressive list of consumer and business clients, most of whom have a deep commitment to our values. Nevertheless, we have not yet capitalized on our shared ethos to build extensive customer engagement. • Managing our advertising and promotional budget. • Planning for expansion, including both locations in Central Philadelphia and beyond. • Responding to customer contacts via phone and email, such as signing up new clients, adjusting orders, and dealing with any unforeseen circumstances. Qualifications • A strong commitment to social impact and a triple-bottom line approach to business. • Humility, humor, and an enthusiasm to work with colleagues with limited formal qualifications. • Experience with customer care/customer service in service industries. • Experience with online advertising, including SEO and CPC campaigns. • Experience with online community-building, including social media, email marketing, and blogging. • Experience making difficult customers happy. Compensation: We offer below-market cash compensation with the potential to build ownership in the business. To apply: Please send your resume to hr@washccylelaundry.com. In lieu of a cover letter, please give a short answer to the following question in the body of your email: If somebody gave you $10,000 to sign up as many new consumer clients as possible, how you would spend it and why? We value concise, reasoned answers backed by fact







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January 31, 2013


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