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Jane Henderson

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Farm Education Program Coordinator


WWCP is looking for a smart, innovative, energetic person with experience in and passion for urban agriculture, farm education, nutrition education and the co-operative model to direct a small but dynamic non-profit affiliated with Weavers Way Co-op. Candidate must have strong grant writing experience (3 to 5 years required), experience supervising staff and directing volunteers (preferable), experience developing and managing partnerships. Excellent writing/communication skills and experience with social media required. Job Responsibilities: 1. Generate funds for WWCP operations through grant writing, special events, cultivation and expansion of Weavers Way member support and other individual donors. 2. Oversee and expand existing programs; develop new programs that support WWCP's mission and vision. 3. Maintain and expand partnerships with schools and other community groups. 4. Supervise staff (currently five plus seasonal apprentices/interns), recruit and manage volunteers. 5. Effectively liaison with Weavers Way leadership and staff to engage and communicate with the co-op membership base through print and online media as well as in-store activities. 6. Communicate effectively and responsively with the WWCP board, as well as the Weavers Way board as needed, to ensure ongoing alignment of mission and programs. Work with the WWCP board on fundraising and strategic planning as needed. 7. Other: budget creation, regulatory compliance. Contact: WWCP Board President; chair search committee Mira Rabin E-Mail: mirara@verizon.net Website: www.weaversway.coop/wwcp







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January 01, 2012



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